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Installation & Setup

What else do I need in order to operate TrendSniper?
TrendSniper is a NinjaTrader 7 strategy (NinjaTrader 8 available April 2018) and as such you will need a licensed installation of NinjaTrader 7 as well as a suitable data feed to populate the charts and a broker through which trades will be executed.

What version of NinjaTrader do I need for TrendSniper?
TrendSniper has been designed to work with NinjaTrader 7. We are adding NinjaTrader 8 support in April 2018 and are taking orders for this version now.

How do I install TrendSniper?
We have recorded a video tutorial which walks you through the installation and addition of TrendSniper to a chart. Not a techie? No problem, let us know and we will schedule a time to remotely perform the installation for you.

Can I install TrendSniper on multiple PCs?
TrendSniper is licensed on a per machine ID basis (see below) so no, it can be installed only on a single PC.

I get an error message saying my computer is not licensed. What do I do?
The TrendSniper licensing server needs to be made aware of your installation. Simply email us with your NinjaTrader 7 Machine ID (click here to watch a tutorial on how to get it) and we will get your machine added to the server same day

How do I find my NinjaTrader 7 Machine ID?
Watch this video tutorial which walks you through the process.

I added TrendSniper to my chart but it isn’t visible.
Make sure you enabled the strategy. If left as disabled the strategy will not be visible. Check the installation and setup video above for a ‘how-to’.

How do I know if I have the latest version of TrendSniper?
You can find the latest version here. Your installed version will appear in the top left corner of any chart upon which the strategy is running. If you are running a version older than the latest release you will see an alert message informing you of the fact in the top left of any chart running TrendSniper.

Trade Execution

Price hit my entry line but nothing happened?
If you have set your Entry Buffer then this will impact where the trade will trigger. Watch this video for an explanation.