TrendSniper - Trading, Automated

Trade automation with a full suite of features to control entry, multiple profit taking options as well as stop management, including trailing stops

Now available for NinjaTrader 7 and 8

Flexible Trade Management

Put simply, TrendSniper automates YOUR trading style. It allows you to control placement of entries, stops and phased exits.

From automated trailing stops, predefined trade templates, counter trend entries, fixed percentage risk lot sizing and full alerting, TrendSniper give you total control over your trades.

Promotes Disciplined Trading

TrendSniper incorporates many powerful features, each designed to simplify trading and yet encourage a rules based, disciplined approach. Click on any of the features to be redirected to a video tutorial showing that feature in use.

Entry Related
  • Trade Templates
  • Entry Buffer
  • Counter Trend
  • Multi Bar Entry
Stop Management
  • Instant Stop To Entry
  • STE/Halfway
  • Trailing Stops
Exit Strategies
  • Up to 3 Phased Exits
  • Instant Close 50%
  • Comprehensive Alerting
  • Test Entry
Risk Management
  • Account Risk (%) Lot Sizing
  • R:R display
  • Max correlation restriction

Fear of pulling the trigger




Not using stops


Chasing price after it has left the entry zone


Undisciplined lot sizing


These problems look familiar?

TrendSniper was specifically designed to reduce the impact of emotions that negatively impact trading.

Whether you have problems pulling the trigger, or conversely pull it too often.

Whether your issue is a lack of discipline in lot sizing, taking profit too early, forgetting to move your stop or one of MANY more emotion related issues. TrendSniper helps you by removing the need for making decisions at the point of entry, simply ‘set and forget’.

Your turn to make a move


Like Nothing You've Seen. Act Today & Experience TrendSniper